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Are you wearing the new ankle strap trousers?

Change the way you dress this winter. Here are the most popular styling tips for the new season: ankle strapped trousers.

It’s been a while since editorial-level fashion techniques like ankle-strap trousers became popular this month. Here’s what you need to know about the latest runway looks that dominate your Instagram feed.

What’s so fussy?

Regarding exquisite dressing, Daniel Lee of Bottega Veneta claims that what is important now is not only what to wear, but also how to wear it. Frankly, minimalism is on the way. Putting on a suit this winter (or an understatement of appearance) requires wisdom and agility; this is exactly what the extremely popular Lee Lee’s Resort 2020 unique tailored trousers attracts. The secret of his style? Tie the straps of the model’s lace-up sandals to the trousers.

Fashion fans (including us) will notice that Celine Celine’s AW18 series has already hinted at this trend (especially Look 24’s strappy leather sandals with external laces). This is no accident: Lee Lee was part of the team behind the scenes, and together with the team members created the final scene of the Phoebe Philo era. Elsewhere, JW Anderson’s discreet SS20 series also showed ample ease and elegance, and the straps of luxury canvas shoes were tied to the pants of the large beige trousers.

Okay, so who’s wearing these ankle strap trousers? How did they shape this trend?

At Paris Fashion Week, Ukrainian designer Peter Petrov’s high-waisted pleated wool trousers became popular in the street fashion industry. In addition to the suit, between the performances, model and social activist Amber Valletta wore leather ankle strap trousers, as well as sweaters and light-colored sunglasses. Or, take a look at Charlotte Knowles’ SS20 collection for some tips on how to wear this ankle strapped trousers at night-just add an elegant 2000s sleeveless dress can. It’s easy, right?