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Sustainable ladies fashion

The fashion industry is dazzling and glittering, while the flashes and glitz are shrouded in haze, creating great value and bringing serious pollution and social problems. The balance between fashion and the environment cannot be ignored. In the just-launched Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Week, many brands such as Dior, Gucci, Stella McCartney and others focused on sustainability. From clothing materials, production to setting of scenes, nature and environment have received unprecedented attention. Environmental protection and fashion are not contradictory. The fashion circle is awakening. More and more brands are actively trying for this "sustainable revolution." Sexy beach girl Mara Hoffman Using sustainable production to extend the life of your clothing and working only with suppliers who provide ethical working conditions, Mara Hoffman is

Are you wearing the new ankle strap trousers?

Change the way you dress this winter. Here are the most popular styling tips for the new season: ankle strapped trousers. It's been a while since editorial-level fashion techniques like ankle-strap trousers became popular this month. Here's what you need to know about the latest runway looks that dominate your Instagram feed. What's so fussy? Regarding exquisite dressing, Daniel Lee of Bottega Veneta claims that what is important now is not only what to wear, but also how to wear it. Frankly, minimalism is on the way. Putting on a suit this winter (or an understatement of appearance) requires wisdom and agility; this is exactly what the extremely popular Lee Lee's Resort 2020 unique tailored trousers attracts. The secret of his style?

It’s not just French women who are fashionable

Different cultural backgrounds have developed people's different dressing tastes. In addition to the "effortless fashion" of French women, women of different countries also have their own unique styles. From Princess Kate to Betty, there are actually many fashionable British women. We often say that French women's dresses are lazy and romantic, while the British women's mix is ​​an example of the word "sophisticated". Take the red carpet for example. On the fame and fortune vanity market, the appearance of British actresses is always difficult to make people fault. Most of their styles pay attention to a generous and decent, there will be no "flying highlights", but never intriguing details. Emily Blunt Cannes Red Carpet And these points that focus on dress and dress

New Fashion Style’s Men shirts

Men who can wear shirts are walking hormones that fascinate women! Shirts are for men, just like skirts for women. In the early summer season, with the breeze and the fragrance of flowers, walking on the path of people coming and going. If a man is wearing a shirt, full of gentlemen, or a literary fan, he will definitely receive the favor of many women. Sometimes it's not because you have a car and a house that you fall in love with someone, but because the sun was very nice that afternoon and you just wore a glamour shirt. Every man's wardrobe, in addition to his own formal shirt, must also have a shirt that can be worn alone or