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Sustainable ladies fashion

The fashion industry is dazzling and glittering, while the flashes and glitz are shrouded in haze, creating great value and bringing serious pollution and social problems. The balance between fashion and the environment cannot be ignored. In the just-launched Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Week, many brands such as Dior, Gucci, Stella McCartney and others focused on sustainability. From clothing materials, production to setting of scenes, nature and environment have received unprecedented attention. Environmental protection and fashion are not contradictory. The fashion circle is awakening. More and more brands are actively trying for this "sustainable revolution." Sexy beach girl Mara Hoffman Using sustainable production to extend the life of your clothing and working only with suppliers who provide ethical working conditions, Mara Hoffman is

The temptation of mini skirts: 6 best petite skirt moments by Kim Petras

In the "Swinging Sixties" (represented by designers such as Mary Quant and André Courrèges), the skirts were gradually raised, and it was the miniskirts that couldnibalize the thighs as a sign of the beginning of social change. At the time, the miniskirt caused controversy because it provided convenience for women's bare skin-this concept was completely outdated in 2019, and the miniskirt returned to our vision again. Today, the high skirt is inspired by one of the most fascinating new sounds of pop music. A star who explained to Vogue that "the sinful pleasure does not exist" [1], Kim Petras is the fashionable voice that is now popular because she speaks and wears it Look. This means: exciting tones, abrupt collision prints

New six winter wedding clothes styles

Although I'm definitely not talking about the taboos of fashion, there are some instructive recommendations to remember when it comes to winter wedding dress styles. In the cold winter, it is not easy to make the dress formal and beautiful. Because of the sudden drop in temperature, summer and wedding dresses and high-heeled sandals that are common and worry-free are no longer suitable. However, there are still solutions. From silky, thick, fully-wrapped satin dresses to textured trouser suits and luxurious knit shawls, this article introduces popular winter wedding guest dresses. 1 Don't underestimate the charm of good shoes There are many people who envy Tamu McPherson's wardrobe (someone has photographed Prada dresses and bags), but today we will focus on shoes. Make

It’s not just French women who are fashionable

Different cultural backgrounds have developed people's different dressing tastes. In addition to the "effortless fashion" of French women, women of different countries also have their own unique styles. From Princess Kate to Betty, there are actually many fashionable British women. We often say that French women's dresses are lazy and romantic, while the British women's mix is ​​an example of the word "sophisticated". Take the red carpet for example. On the fame and fortune vanity market, the appearance of British actresses is always difficult to make people fault. Most of their styles pay attention to a generous and decent, there will be no "flying highlights", but never intriguing details. Emily Blunt Cannes Red Carpet And these points that focus on dress and dress

2020 early spring women’s dress-dynamic simple

In the early spring of 2020, there are many types of dresses on the runway. The most striking is the simple sports style. In the simple style, many forms of design have emerged. There are two-piece designs that emphasize colored stripes, a combination of sports stripes and printing, and sports Wind and lace stitching, sheer vest skirts and other designs all inject new vitality into the simple style. Dynamic silk Dynamic silk shines with a liquid luster, like the rhythm of water waves, showing a sense of flowing drape. Draped pleated The draped pleats are presented through a soft, transparent fabric, but the designer does not fully emphasize softness and sexy, but always has a sense of power. Rhythm stripe The rhythmic colored stripes bring a