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Choose a few beautiful bags for you

Many people like the big-name designs you like, and the big-name bags friends you want to buy may already be in your pocket; so many people start pursuing “niche”, but too few of them know it and everyone knows No longer a “niche”. So when we are tired of the embarrassing law of banging bags when they go out, but want to show the taste and do not want to be out of date, what kind of bags should we buy?

In the end, what are the bags that will not hit the bag and will be praised every time they go out?

Not bound by logo

In the past two years, the retro trend has returned wildly. Monogram bags of major brands are getting more and more popular. We have also recommended many fashionable and versatile presbyopia bags to you before.

But if you do n’t want to hit the bag when you go out, you can choose a style with a less prominent logo; monogram is really beautiful and fashionable, but it has a limited space to play, and it is easy to become the hardest hit area. People’s first impressions are often the brand of the bag, and it is easy to ignore the design of the bag.

Without being constrained by the logo, focusing on the design and color of the bag itself can make people feel compelled to exaggerate.

Advanced color bold

Many people ca n’t afford to buy a black, brown, or burger red bag. This kind of basic dark high-level wild is good, but it also greatly increases the chance of hitting the bag, making it difficult to shine.

In fact, it is not just dark-colored that can have a sense of quality. Lively high-saturation color, gentle Morandi color is a good choice.

It is not difficult to find that when fashionable girls wear basic models, the choice of bag color will be more bold, used to brighten the overall shape and show their own style. If your wardrobe is also based on basic models, you may wish to choose some different colors on the bags to break the basics and inject a little new meaning into the shape.

Of course, you can also choose color matching models, the collision of different colors is more unique and interesting.

Classic and simple package

The color matching can be bold, but the package type can be selected to have a smoother silhouette, simple and durable, and this style is more classic and not easy to be outdated.

Speaking of which, I wonder if you have found the secret of fashionable girls looking good without hitting bags? One brand of bags has always been very popular, becoming their first choice to show their personal style-Marni.

You must be no stranger to their bags, Trunk, Pannier, and Earring. Although the models are regulars in street photography, you can hardly find two that are exactly the same, each one of a kind, Bright personality and endless fun.

These Marni bags do not have a distinctive logo on the exterior, but this does not affect their recognition at all. Girls carrying Marni bags do not chase the identity of the big logo. They have their own ideas and pursuits, and have their own opinions on fashion. They are independent and fashionable, showing a cool energy, but also fun and cute.

Extraordinary, they love Marni bags, because the same charming and changeable, at first glance, people feel novel and stunning, but the more sophisticated they are, the more sophisticated they are.

Marni’s rich color matching design is also one of the reasons for its popularity. The color scheme is very artistic, and it is very durable. It won’t make people feel too hard and appreciate it, but they will feel clear personality, giving a feeling that “the person who carries it is very good.”

In particular, Trunk’s color matching is simply too much to say, and new color matching or printing models will be launched almost every season. Different materials and different colors appear endlessly. There will be three or four colors on a bag, but it will not feel fancy at all, but will be relaxed and harmonious, and it will be effortless to control.

It is worth boasting that the Trunk’s contrasting oil edge emphasizes the sense of line and the texture is advanced. For details, see taste.

Earring, because of the symmetrical design of its own bag, makes the left and right large area collision very interesting. This year’s Tanabata limited capsule series of this red and brown color matching, lively and retro, impressive.

Pannier moved the color matching to the ring handle. Multi-color horizontal and vertical stitching, full of whimsy. The material of the ring handle also has a variety of choices such as metal, resin, tincture, etc., which highlights the texture of the bag. To be honest, always changing the color and material of the bag is very dazzling, lacks memory points, and the trendy design is often not evergreen.

But the Marni bag relies on the generous and smooth bag type, which is ever-changing but impressive. It has become a classic model that has been updated for a long time. Pannier’s leather is soft and stylish. Without buckle, the bag type is a stiff barrel shape. When you buckle, you will have four corner folds and a more design sense. Earring’s bag type is more unique. The half-moon-shaped handbag is strictly symmetrical, with a striking gold zipper in the middle. Gem circles, metal clasps, and ingenuity in detail are extra points.

The minimalist bag type seems unremarkable, but the temperament comes out as soon as you upper body, the more you look at it, the more you like it. Of course, Marni’s bag is also very practical. Although Trunk looks leather stiff, it has many advantages in the mezzanine. Both the medium and large sizes are super fit. It is absolutely enough to go out everyday.

Earring’s design is very surprising. The flat design doesn’t seem to fit, but the capacity is amazing. As long as the middle zip is opened, you can find unexpected hidden spaces that can be expanded to the size of a duffel bag. The small Pannier has a considerable capacity, and it is no problem to put down essentials such as mobile phones and compacts. Delicate, unique and practical, bloggers and fashion editors who need to run through various shows during Fashion Week are especially fond of it. Many celebrities will choose to carry it by plane, and their passports can be put down. If you don’t want to hold it in your hand, you can carry it directly with a shoulder strap, which is very lightweight. Trunk’s shoulder strap adjustment method is also very interesting, it is a buckle type, so the adjustment range is also large, and it is easy to get various fashionable back methods. Long shoulder straps are comfortable to cross. Short shoulder straps have become a hot underarm bag, and carrying it directly is another neat style.

Seeing this, do you also love the unique, classic and practical Marni bag? In fact, this year is the fifth year of the birth of Marni Trunk. In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Trunk, Marni specially launched the fifth anniversary of the new limited-edition color-matching Trunk handbags. There are a total of five new colors in the entire series, two different sizes, elegant and deft design, unique and individual, in line with Marni’s “pragmatism” literary temperament.

Similar color matching is low-key and restrained, but it is also unique enough. It blends well with the classic Trunk package type. It is the kind that will attract you at a glance, and you can’t help but brag about a good-looking existence. Unique to be difficult to copy, but not set in stone, which is why we love Marni bags. Every girl has more than one side, elegant, lively, handsome, and casual, all coexist, and it “envelops” our different sides. Carry your Marni handbag on your back to show your self-confidence, and you look good on it.