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Danse Lente, Roksanda, The Row, Building Block, Yuzefi, Shrimps and other niche brands have been named by fashion icon countless times. If you don’t want to hit the bag, the recent fashion week it girls has provided us with many new options!

1 Rejina Pyo Olivia Collection

blue Olivia crocodile embossed leather box bag

For Spring / Summer 2019 Fashion Week, this Olivia series from South Korean designer brand Rejina Pyo is really very popular, and it can be found on every street shot in Basic Fashion Week. This bag, which looks like a “lunch box”, has taken the entire fashion circle to its knees. You must know that Rejina Pyo, a clothing brand, has not launched accessories for a long time. It is rare to be able to set off such a big wave in such a short time.

In addition, the liner of the Olivia series bag is sewn with suede leather, which feels silky and soft, and the capacity of the bag itself is just right. Mobile phones, wallets, key cases and makeup powders can be perfectly placed.

2 Gu_de Demi Lune Collection

Like Rejina Pyo, this Gu_de Demi Lune bag is also a Korean designer brand, and is even more niche. The similarities between the two are that the designer also likes to use crocodile skin elements to create a high-level sense, and also gives the bag a low-key luxury feeling with simple shapes and colors.

Demi-Lune croc-effect leather shoulder bag

The choice of black or white colors makes the bag more versatile. No matter what style of clothes you wear, you can perfectly control this bag.

3 Wandler Hortensia Collection

Hortensia leather shoulder bag

Wandler can also be regarded as the dark horse in the niche brands in the past two years. Its high-level sense of indifferentness and coldness is its purpose. This Hortensia series handbag is definitely Wandler’s top brand, more and more loved by fashionable ladies, and the choice of a variety of colors also makes the Hortensia series with infinite possibilities. The high-level gray series color is definitely a gentle killer of females distributed by Hortensia handbags. Don’t miss it if you like it.

4 Wandler Anna Collection

In addition to the top-of-the-line Hortensia series, Wandler also has a bag that is very popular with fashion bloggers. It is the Anna series handbags. Because of the huge popularity of this year’s waist bag, most fashionable fines like to use the Anna series as the back of the waist bag, but in fact, it can be adjusted to a small shoulder bag for one second. Is this thoughtful one-bag dual-use design right?

Anna belt bag

The small and exquisite style and minimalist bag outline are definitely the plus points of your match ~

5 The Volon Mani Bag

The Volon can also be regarded as the leader of niche brands. Basically, a new style can sweep the streets of major fashion weeks. This is not the hottest this year. This Mani Bag ~

The compact body with exquisite metal chain is extremely exquisite, coupled with the contrasting design of geometric elements, it is the golden point of style matching. The elegant or capable dress style can perfectly control this bag.

Mani Color Block Leather Bag

6 Gabriela Hearst Patsy Bag

Not familiar with the brand Gabriela Hearst, let’s review a brand bag of this brand ~

That’s right! This is the bag that Princess Megan used when attending public events for the first time after marrying Prince Harry. Its full name is Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag ~ This bag is considered to have caused a strong wave in the fashion industry. The workmanship is complex and difficult to buy. It can be said that it is difficult to find a package!

And this year’s fashion week, this new Patsy Bag from Gabriela Hearst’s family is doing it!

Compared to the dumpling shape of Nina Bag, Patsy Bag looks simpler and looks more like an antique treasure chest. I don’t know which bag do you prefer in comparison?

Emmmm ~ Finally, both bags are temporarily out of stock ~

7 Tara Zadeh Azer Collection

Tara Zadeh’s Azer series this year can be said to be an evergreen fashion bag that has stood up since the beginning of the year.

It is composed of a variety of geometric elements, and the metal ring composed of triangles, squares and circles is perfectly combined with the round body, showing the biggest characteristics of the bag. The versatility brought by the minimalist style is also conceivable. Young street-sense young girls and capable women in the workplace can control the same bag.

Yellow Azar suede bracelet bag

OK, which bag would you choose?