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How to have a popular bag

For the current popular topic package, presumably you have already contributed a little traffic on social networks. The imaginative designs of various brands have created many annual highlights, and a Mehry Mu velvet handbag with a high appearance rate is also expected. But the point is, beyond the heat, do you understand their charm? While we are excited to buy a red bag, where should we go from here to discover the chemical interaction between it and you, directly reaching the unique charm of the red bag?

You and it: inspiration every where

For those who love to travel and holiday around the world, you will need a free and easy-to-use bag, which can bring out your leisurely mood in the real scenery or in front of the camera. The niche brands 0711, Sensi Studio, Mehry Mu and you are completely connected. Inspiration is always on the way, and the essence of craftsmanship is drawn from all over the world.

Bold use of natural materials such as rattan and bamboo, while coloring is alive, I have a vacation dream close to the grass, trees, and fields. In terms of styling, Mehry Mu, who has become more full of personality, is even more impressive. The new season combined with hollow rattan crafts adds a little oriental charm to Southeast Asia. And Sensi Studio also reproduced the original roughness of the straw on the bag, as if it was worth walking on the rice field with it.

You and it: texture comes first

The commute bag must be full of texture, and it will enhance the taste of a set. In addition to the trendy pioneering route, there are still many popular brands that follow this stable and classic way, which is widely followed due to its design and high-quality leather. The studio’s low-key route is even more popular.

This kind of workplace bag selection is also very smart, and the young brand’s clever balance between classic style and new elements will never disappoint. Atp Atelier, who is good at leather goods and got high marks on handmade shoes, experimented with irregular stitching of snake-like fabric on the bag this time, and the “unsuitable” area immediately became fashionable. Wandler net red envelope type Hortensia The upper body is very pleasantly surprised, the main body body style is calm, but the outer contour lines are very playful, and the design has become a smooth fan shape. It can be said that these brands are indeed settling down to make a practical and thoughtful package!

You and it: Retro

The Staud bucket bag simply broke the fashion circle, which is a must-have item for retro fans. In the new season, there is more force to bring goods, and the recognition of new products is still very high. Popular genes can’t stand it! Of course, Rejina Pyo’s “lunch box” Japanese style handbag is also a good choice. When considering this type of package, the color is also very important. In addition to the brown with a strong CP feeling, you can also pay attention to the performance of low-saturation colors such as white and gray-blue.