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It’s not just French women who are fashionable

Different cultural backgrounds have developed people’s different dressing tastes. In addition to the “effortless fashion” of French women, women of different countries also have their own unique styles. From Princess Kate to Betty, there are actually many fashionable British women. We often say that French women’s dresses are lazy and romantic, while the British women’s mix is ​​an example of the word “sophisticated”.

Take the red carpet for example. On the fame and fortune vanity market, the appearance of British actresses is always difficult to make people fault. Most of their styles pay attention to a generous and decent, there will be no “flying highlights”, but never intriguing details.

Emily Blunt Cannes Red Carpet

And these points that focus on dress and dress are often developed under the influence of culture for a long time. From the dress of the royal family members, we can also see the attitude of some British people.

In the 21st century, as a princess, Kate still strictly abides by the royal dress code. For example, everyone is familiar with the attendance of the occasion “skirts must be over the knee”, “exposed legs must wear stockings”, “no jeans” …

And her high-heeled shoes that have always been tightly stitched, she also revealed in the interview, in fact, there is double-sided tape on the inside, and there are rules everywhere.

Even the little prince George, we will never see any favorite cartoon characters around him. Even the “shorts” he wears every time he makes an appearance are actually particular about the “horse breeches tradition” that dates back to the 16th century. Little boys must wear robes or skirts before the age of eight. The tradition has evolved into shorts that continue to this day. This also seems to explain why the British’s dress style is always “sophisticated”. Although the civilian clothes are not so framed, they never go out of style.

Speaking of British women, they may not be as avant-garde or gorgeous, but they must look generous and decent at first glance, and the details are often taken into consideration.

In the dress of British women, you can always find an attachment to color matching. The most common is to take care of the colors of shoes and bags-secondly, the colors on clothes accessories are not inserted in a vacuum, and they are mostly taken from the main color of the model.

This “standard” in color matching is also an important reason why many people like British style. However, in the choice of single products, British women seem to prefer to try fashionable and chic designer models. London Fashion Week is also, we always see some talented and creative emerging designer brands.

And look at the French women’s dress, you will find that they really love the basic models. mom jeans, dad Tee … … the basic models of these popular resurgences have always been the evergreen items in French women’s wardrobes.

They are used to using these simple and loose items with their iconic silk shirts, striped long Tee, etc., coupled with a touch of red lips and scattered long hair, is the romance and laziness of French women in our impression. But British women are different. At first glance, they are also “basic models”. They are more inclined to detail somewhere to have a distinctive design sense, making simple clothes look not so simple. Not only that, the mix of British women always feels exquisite in the details.

Like “wearing a sweater as a scarf or shawl”, the general public has only seen, tried, and never worn it out. But just open the Instagram of several British girls, this dress is their daily routine.

And even if most people use sweaters and sweaters to go out of the street, they always like to put a layer of white Tee on the inside, which enriches the collar and cuffs. In fact, the “sophistication” of British women is never limited to the aspect of dress and dress, and all aspects of life reflect their pursuit of “delicacy and decentness”.

If you are tired of French style laziness, you may wish to pay attention to the style of some British fashion icons. In addition to windbreaker and plaid, the British style is actually very rich ~