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New Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra Ultra Light Watches

In sports, every athlete enhances his competitive strength by finding his own advantages. The same is true of the design concept of Omega’s new Seahorse Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” watch. This ultra-innovative watch is specially created for sports people. With ultra-light design, it makes the wearer more comfortable in sports. In order to achieve this goal, Omega has creatively rethought every design of the watch, making it a new breakthrough in the field of innovative watchmaking technology.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” Watch-Red with Rubber Strap

Created in collaboration with the Omega Athlete Celebrity Ambassador

The development of this new watch is inseparable from the support of Rory McIlroy, one of the talented golfers. The Omega product development team worked with the golf celebrity ambassador to create a watch that could fully meet the needs of athletes.

New Omega 8928 Titanium Extreme Observatory Movement

Rory McIlroy said: “I am very honored to be involved in the development of the new Omega Sea Horse series Aqua Terra” Ultra Light “watch. I know the athletes’ various needs for a watch, so in the cooperation process In China, we adjust the watch according to the needs of athletes. No matter what kind of sports, the new Sea Horse Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” watch can bring an excellent wearing experience. “

Lightweight and sturdy, weighing only 55 grams

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” Watch-Red with Fabric Strap

The new Sea Horse Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” watch is ergonomically designed with a sports fabric strap and weighs only 55 grams. Omega’s first use of γ-titanium alloy for the case, case back and crown of this watch. This unique alloy is lighter and harder than traditional titanium, and has high corrosion resistance, so it is also widely used in In the aviation industry. Omega has also reduced the amount of dial material through a series of sophisticated research and tests, which further reduces the weight of the watch while not affecting the visual effect of the dial.

Retractable crown

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” Watch-Green with Rubber Strap

Another Omega innovation is the retractable crown, which can be stowed into the case when not in use. This ergonomic design means that athletes’ hands will not be disturbed in any way during the competition.

Vibrant colors

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” Watch-Blue with Rubber Strap

In addition to the rubber strap, the new Omega Aquamar Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” watch is also equipped with a fabric strap suitable for competition wear, making athletes more comfortable to wear during the competition. To prevent the reflection of strong sunlight, the watch is matte-treated and boldly uses bright colors on the aluminum second hand, Seamaster logo, every 15-minute graduation and the stitching of the strap. There are three colors: red, green and blue. Color matching is available.

Accreditation of the Observatory

Omega collaborates with athlete celebrity ambassador Rory McIlroy to create the Omega Sea Horse Aqua Terra “Ultra Light” watch

The new watch not only has an ultra-light weight, but also has been certified by the Astronomical Observatory, which guarantees the watch’s excellent accuracy and performance, and enjoys Omega’s 5-year warranty. The watch is equipped with Omega’s first titanium movement inside, all main plates and other plates of the movement are made of ceramic titanium. This not only reduces the friction between the parts, but also gives the movement a unique dark grey color. Omega 8928 titanium movement is a manual winding mechanical movement equipped with a coaxial escapement system. It has received the rigorous approval of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and is certified by the Observatory. . Just like the quality demonstrated by the Omega Athlete Celebrity Ambassador, this brand new watch is also tried and tested with extraordinary performance.