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New six winter wedding clothes styles

Although I’m definitely not talking about the taboos of fashion, there are some instructive recommendations to remember when it comes to winter wedding dress styles. In the cold winter, it is not easy to make the dress formal and beautiful. Because of the sudden drop in temperature, summer and wedding dresses and high-heeled sandals that are common and worry-free are no longer suitable. However, there are still solutions. From silky, thick, fully-wrapped satin dresses to textured trouser suits and luxurious knit shawls, this article introduces popular winter wedding guest dresses.

1 Don’t underestimate the charm of good shoes

There are many people who envy Tamu McPherson’s wardrobe (someone has photographed Prada dresses and bags), but today we will focus on shoes. Make your New Balance 990 stand out: A pair of open-toed high heels can make a bloated down jacket or old-school velvet look like a 1990s supermodel. It’s a bit colder, and you can wear colorful printed leggings (as seen at RichardQuinn’s SS20 fashion show).

2 Making Full Wrap Satin

If the suspender skirt is the first choice for millennials’ summer 2019 wedding, then FCSD (full wrap silk dress) is the pursuit of winter wedding guests. Pick a piece of jewellery or silky thick milky white, you can make yourself stand out in the autumn, reveling into the night. The biggest benefit of this dress is that you can wear it everyday after the wedding.

3 scarlet trouser suits are great ideas

Moda Operandi co-founder Lauren Santo Domingo chose the all-season scarlet suit, designed by Simone Rocha with feather trim. Coupled with worry-free black stiletto heels and a ten-minute dress code, you will be able to save enough time to return in winter.

4 Add a shirt under a summer dress

Spanish influencer Gala Gonz├ílez’s slanting upper body is suitable for any occasion. Don’t give up the dress you already own. Put on a soft textile shirt below, you can deal with ordinary parties, but also save money.

5 Yes, you can wear black

Fashion celebrity Veronika Heilbrunner is often wore lazy casual pants, but this decadent coat of German net red is also famous. If you can’t take off your heavy coat during your wedding, this is a good solution. Please pay attention to Heilbrunner’s black sequin evening dress; if you are brave enough, it is best to wear this dress barefoot, or with 10denier pantyhose, and ignore the taboo of not wearing this pure black at wedding. Add some color to your styling accessories and you’ll be unobstructed.

6 Luxury knitwear is a worry-free choice

Wedding dress etiquette can make people wonder what to wear, and can even lead to panic purchases at the last moment, because this etiquette often makes people feel that “daily” clothes in the closet cannot be worn. A luxurious knitted cardigan that once appeared at Paris Fashion Week gave high-end fashion a personality. Take the time to design something for yourself, add a belt or a knot to your knitted garment (instead of buttoning it), and change the round neck to an off-shoulder look. Try jewellery to add icing on the cake: pick gold earrings of all shapes.