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Sana Jardin: Luxury perfumes that are beautiful inside and out

As the first socially conscious luxury perfume, Sana Jardin not only maintained the natural luxury and high quality of perfume products, but also continued to shoulder social responsibility.

Founder Amy believes that high-quality perfumes should come from exotic and high-quality ingredients, in order to ensure that the ingredients are pure natural, clear and high quality. Potentially harmful chemicals are eliminated in the process of making perfumes, and the true luxury is always believed to come from nature. Sustainable development is part of the brand’s post-social responsibility mission. We believe that trade can bring predictable change and actual power to society, not through charity. We believe that everyone can choose their position in this reform, big or small.

The Orange Blossom Project

The Orange Blossom Project is a cooperative supporting women harvesters in northwestern Morocco who hand-picked the brand ’s

All flower raw materials, and approximately 900 tons of orange blossom waste (produced annually in the area) are recycled into their own products. The entire range of Sana Jia clove water is free of parabens, artificial colors and formaldehyde.

Female harvesters from rural flower growing areas in Morocco receive only limited employment during the harvest season-only a few times a year. Due to lack of skills training, they also do not have the opportunity to continue employment. So there was this project.

Provide local women with business skills training to enable them to develop and sell their own product lines: candles and orange blossom water-all from the waste of perfume production. They get a 100% return. To facilitate this work, Sana Jardin worked with Nest (a non-profit organization) and the Moroccan Women’s Cooperative to establish a women’s cooperative in Morocco where women can produce and sell their products. The goal is to give perfume lovers the opportunity to become conscious consumers.

After launching the Orange Blossom project, perfumes from this product line were launched, of which BERBER BLONDE’s most popular, was mixed by Carlos Benaim’s orange blossom water, orange blossom oil and musk. Cheng, using the entire flowering period, including branches. “The scent of orange blossom permeates my early memories of growing up in Morocco,” Benham said of his inspiration. “I remember walking in the orange grove and reveling in the aroma.”

Berber Blonde

Top notes: Bergamot essential oil, lisianthus, bitter orange leaves
Base notes: neroli oil, neroli water
Back note: Musk This pure and natural orange blossom essence radiates light, love and happiness, which will make you feel refreshed, exotic, and bathed in the bright sunny weather. Moroccan trees are blooming with rare, shimmering orange flowers, captured by neroli water, moroccan neroli oil and musk. As soon as you breathe in, you can feel the spirit boiling, leaving a flash of magic.

Sana Jardin’s perfume line will soon be launched in the domestic perfume niche collection platform store MuXia. This platform will lead us to see more perfume brands from all over the world. It is a leader in the perfume industry and builds a bridge between niche brands and consumers.