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Sustainable ladies fashion

The fashion industry is dazzling and glittering, while the flashes and glitz are shrouded in haze, creating great value and bringing serious pollution and social problems. The balance between fashion and the environment cannot be ignored. In the just-launched Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Week, many brands such as Dior, Gucci, Stella McCartney and others focused on sustainability. From clothing materials, production to setting of scenes, nature and environment have received unprecedented attention. Environmental protection and fashion are not contradictory. The fashion circle is awakening. More and more brands are actively trying for this “sustainable revolution.”

Sexy beach girl Mara Hoffman

Using sustainable production to extend the life of your clothing and working only with suppliers who provide ethical working conditions, Mara Hoffman is a positive example of being environmentally responsible and responsible for everyone. At the same time, Mara Hoffman has become a holiday choice for many people with her passionate style and romantic thoughts. Colorful prints, colorful swimsuits, puff sleeves, and retro-breasted dresses all show a cozy attitude and contract the holiday in a happy mood. Imagine approaching the beach in the evening nostalgic, and let the sea breeze flick the skirt. The figure is so beautiful that people can’t bear to look away.

Sweet Retro Girl Reformation

Smooth and light-weight tailoring, floral elements, square collars, high slits and other decorative elements, Reformation does not mess with water, but also has unexpected subtle details. There is always a way to make people smile, as if I instantly understand the designer hiding the work. The little surprises and ingenuity here. In addition, Reformation’s environmental protection concept is also multiplied, and it is designed and manufactured with sustainable materials to reduce resource consumption and waste burden. Combining retro sexy and lively playfulness, live off a sweet and smart girl image, who would not love such a cute and positive brand?

Elegant Urban Beauty Fillippa-K

Fillippa-K encourages the recycling of clothing through its own second-hand stores and some charities, and assumes the mission of expanding and expanding the environmental protection cause. While adhering to the concept of sustainability, it does not forget to pursue and guarantee high quality. It is a social responsibility and fashion completion. Degree of brand. Fillippa-K’s main focus is elegance and minimalism. The cut is neat and exquisite. The style is classic and simple. It is good at using low-saturation colors to create comfortable vision. The design and high-level feelings grow secretly. Are you ready? Follow the steps of Fillippa-K now, and go a little closer to nature from body to heart.

Innocent Free Voz

Voz not only uses high-grade natural environmentally friendly fibers as raw materials and uses handmade clothing, but also provides vulnerable women with complete training, job opportunities and reasonable salary, which shows its social responsibility and social care. In terms of style, Voz’s clothing and accessories are as natural as water. Straight dresses with soft lines, sweaters with soft touches, and black-and-white shawls radiate charming charms indiscriminately, bringing comfort and laziness. In the weekend and girlfriends’ rest, in addition to tea, desserts, and grunting cats, Voz on the body may also be one of the key points to adjust the relaxed atmosphere.